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Hong kong style sapphire bliss

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Hong Kong style Sapphire Bliss

This Hong Kong Style Sapphire Bliss was inspired by the traditional Thai Iced Tea that uses Ceylon tea and condensed milk. We decided to put our own little twist and use our Sapphire Bliss with condensed milk to make a delicious milky caffeine-free afternoon delight. The condensed milk beautifully adds body to the butterfly pea flower tea and combines well to create a delicate sweet drink. Give it a try!

What you will Need

2 tsp Sapphire Bliss (butterfly pea flower tea)

1 tsp of sweetened condensed milk

1 cup of filtered hot water boiled @ 205 degrees F or 96 degrees C

1.5 cups of ice cubes

Making The hong kong style sapphire bliss

  1. Steep 2 tsp of Sapphire Bliss with 1 cup of hot water for about 5 minutes
  2. Add the condensed milk to the glass/cup/or mug you will be drinking from
  3. Once the tea is finished steeping, pour it over the condensed milk and stir until combined
  4. Add your ice cubes
  5. Stir and enjoy!

Everyone likes their drink with a different level of sweetness so play around with this recipe and have fun with it! Add more condensed milk if you like your drink sweeter or less if you don’t like it too sweet.

We like to wait a few minutes after adding the ice to drink it to ensure it’s ice cold!